The manufacturing and processing industries of South Africa has evolved over the past 70 years, beginning with light consumer industry in the 1920s and expanding into heavy industry with the creation of ISCOR (Iron and Steel Corporation of South Africa) in 1928. South Africa is the world's largest gold, platinum, manganese, chromium, vanadium, alumino-sillicates and titanium producer; and the second largest of vermiculite and zirconium; third for fluorspar; fourth for antimony; and fifth for zinc, coal, lead, and uranium. Other than Swaziland, South Africa is the only African state to produce pulp and paper.

South Africa has proven crude oil reserves of some 15 million barrel and is the next hot spot for Offshore Oil Exploration. It is also the Eighth-Largest Shale Gas Reserves in the World.

With such vast and varied industries, effective asset management and maintenance practices is key for successful industrial production which is the main contributor for the GDP growth of South Africa.

We bring the meticulous courses on Maintenance and Reliability to South Africa to tend the market’s need for best education in physical asset management.